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                 Call (202)-506-7596 to order any of these divine cupcakes!

                                 Chocolate City                    Carousel

                                 Banana Nut                         Heavenly Katie

                                 24 Carrot                             Pretty N' Pink

                                 Cherry Pop                          Key Lime

                                 Buttercup                            Very Berry

                                 Cinnamon Delight              Pineapple Coconut

                                 Baby Cake                          Gingerbread

                                 Pumpkin Pie                       Lovin' Lavender

                                 Peaches 'N Cream            Tuitty Fruity

                                Royal Cream                  Sweet Dreams

                                Sweet Confession              Frost Bite

                             Pink Lemonade                  Orange Dreamsicle

                          Coconut Blitz                       Pineapple

                          Raspberry                            Cookie Monster